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Boost your sales and Product Ranking with highly persuasive informative listings

Audience Analysis

Audience analysis is the initial step towards building an optimized listing. We look after the whole process of social listening including product related vlogs, articles and reviews analysis.

Product Title & Images

Highly optimized product title with 250 characters length is recommended along with top quality product images having 1,000 pixels width and 500 pixels height.

Keyword Hunting

Best performing keywords will be indexed in your listing. They are extracted on the basis of Buyer intent, contextual and direct keywords through tools such as HELIUM 10. 

Product Description

Best performing keywords will be indexed in your listing. Complete product related queries are fulfilled by indexed keywords.


We help brands win on Amazon

We help brands selling on Amazon Vendor Central and Seller Central maximize sales and profitability by providing complete strategy, management and operational services.

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What is the purpose of Optimizing Listings?

Through optimization, we ensure that your product ranks better on Amazon Search Keywords which drastically increases sales.

Do I need to hire Professional Photographers for Product Images?

Not at all, Zelevate takes care of everything. With our professional photographers and graphic designers, we ensure that your listing looks amazing!

What is EBC?

EBC is Enhanced Brand Content that is added to the Product Description containing graphics and images to make your listing stand out from the competition.

How do I get EBC?

You don’t have to do anything. Zelevate will ensure that your EBC content looks the best.

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