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Many products run out of the market due to extreme competition and complexities. This case study will explain how a highly competitive niche product was launched successfully. The product comes under baby category that was un-gated in USA market. This product was launched on October 2020.

The product started generating $50,000 sales with 1100 monthly orders. $10,000 average monthly profit was propagated from this ASIN. All these factors had collectively grown the asset valuation up to $500,000

Product Sales:

Significant sales on the product depend upon the ranking and stability of the product. Organic orders determine the profitability. After the development stage over, sales in May 2021 boomed and produced $43604.86 in revenue with 1117 units ordered.  Average daily sales were $800 Р$1200. There was 100% buy box wins.

Sales History:

Sales history is calculated by the overall sales in a certain period of time. It shows how many sales are generated on daily and monthly basis. The last 1 year data from 28/07/2021 to 01/06/2021 represents that average total orders are 1300 units.  Significant traffic was achieved in each month with average 4000 sessions.


Listing Valuation:

Listing can be evaluated based on monthly profit a product is producing. It is factored with certain no of months and valuation is offered to be purchased. We have been contacted by the famous brand to sell our listing with the valuation offer of $500,000. Our next strategy is to launch two new ASINs to double the listing valuation for $1,000,000 after 6 to 7 months.




The right strategy at the right time is the key to a successful business on Amazon. High spending is not always the answer. With the experts working on this account, it got stable sales and profits because of which it got a beneficial valuation offer.


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