Product Development

We develop your winning product by Working Backwards from customer viewpoint to product specifications.


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We aim to find gaps in established markets or niches

Customer Need Analysis

We start off by hearing out what the customers want rather than what we want to give. It is completed through many ways.

1. Review analysis
2. FAQs
3. Article/blog reading
4. YouTube channels
5. Following related influencers.


Problem Identification

Problem identification in your product layout and market dynamics eases the process by many folds. We use audience polls in this process too.


Ideal Solution

Ideal solution that stands out in market ensures the product success to 100% times. We execute it through branding of your solution on social platforms.

We help brands win on Amazon

We help brands selling on Amazon Vendor Central and Seller Central maximize sales and profitability by providing complete strategy, management and operational services.

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What profit can I expect from a single Product?

Profit margins vary depending on the investment, however, we can ensure that Zelevate will provide the best profit margin for every category.

What Category Products do you Hunt?

Our clients can require specific product categories and we hunt well performing products accordingly. Otherwise, we have experience in Products of all categories on Amazon and the best performing product is selected for you.

What are gated products?

Gated products require special approval from Amazon. In case of gated products, we provide un-gating consultancy free of charge!

Do I need to Buy Product Hunting Tools?

Not at all! Our team arranges all the tools required themselves so our clients don’t have to.

What sized Products do you hunt?

We aim to hunt smaller products with smaller dimensions to reduce shipping costs and increase profit margins.

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