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100% smoothness of your sourcing from price quotations to the final delivery.

Dedicated Logistics Support

Our dedicated logistics support team work round the clock to ensure the best sourcing services.

Best Quality Price

We offer the best quality rates after the negotiation on EXW prices with suppliers to a great deal.

Explicit Order Updates

We provide the complete updates of your shipping order at various checkpoints.


Best Quality Quotes

We send the best quality quotes to multiple suppliers to crack the successful deal.• Differentiation

Quality Control Management

We keep track of every process of your shipment from order placements to final delivery.

Shipping Consolidation

We collect your shipping product from different production houses & consolidate them in a single order.


Sample Examination

We arrange the samples from suppliers, analyze, consolidate and ship as per your desire.

Shipping Operations

We validate that FFS companies pick the goods from supplier warehouse and ship to FBA address.

A successful product sourcing with the best quality at a market competitive price


Best Supplier Evaluation


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Do I have to contact the sellers for finalizing the Product?

You will not have to do anything. Zelevate will take care of all the business for you.

Will I be able to check the quality of the Product myself?

We work according to the requirements of each client. If you want, we can send a sample to you to check. Otherwise, AMZ Launch Master takes care of everything.

How do you ensure proper Inspection and shipping from China?

Our Team based in China visits the vendor in person for inspection and ensures the product quality and shipping.

How will my Product be better than the competition?

Through a rigorous market analysis, our team identifies market gaps and adds Unique Selling Points to the product to stand out from the competition.

How will the product be packaged?

Through meetings with the vendor, a package design is finalized that is attractive for the consumers while not adding much to the cost of the product.

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