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Improve your visibility to Sponsor Your Products or Your Brand on Amazon.

Keyword Research

Different buyer intents used on amazon for searching the desired product are provided by advanced keyword research.

Targeting different intents

Ranking is determined by targeting intent keywords one by one.

Get the exact advertising solution which meets your goals.

Sponsored Product

All your products will be advertised on product pages and amazon search results.

Sponsored Brands

All of the brands will be advertised on top of the search and other search pages.

Sponsored Display

These ads will be advertised on below “Add to Cart” button on all amazon product detail pages.

We help brands win on Amazon

We help brands selling on Amazon Vendor Central and Seller Central maximize sales and profitability by providing complete strategy, management and operational services.

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What is PPC?

The Pay-Per-Click is like advertising on Amazon to get more sales for your product for certain keywords.

What are Keywords?

Keywords are what customers type in the Amazon search bar. The better your product associates with your keyword, the more customers you attract for your product.

Do I need PPC even after Launch?

To maintain your sales and perform better than the competition, PPC is essential.

Is PPC very technical?

It is! However, there is no need to worry as you will not need to know anything about it. Our professional team has got everything covered.

Can I Revive my Dead Listing with PPC?

Yes, you can! In fact, Zelevate provides special services to revive Dead Listings through PPC Optimization with noticeable results in a very short time.

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